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Pros And Cons of Unlocking Your Phone

Mobile phones are important in our lives. Basically it is part of us and we cannot leave home without it. We do so many things with our phone like work, communicate with friends and family, listen to music, play games and many more. With the different innovations companies do with the mobile phones the more reason we want to own one.

Nowadays, the phone itself is not only the exciting thing that you can do with your gadget but you can also unlock it for more options. Unlocking cell phones is probably hip right now because of the number of advantages that it gives to people but it can also produce disadvantages in the long run.

Advantages of Unlocking Your Phone
  • Save money – Although it would be quite expensive at first to unlock your phone but it will be all worth it when you are able to use the different applications for free. You do not have to pay thousands of dollars for an application you just want to try but you can get it for free then delete it when you are through with it.
  • More choices – When you unlock your phone, there are a number of applications and features that you can get your hands on thus using your mobile phone enjoyable.
Disadvantages of Unlocking Your Phone
  • Lose the warranty – For some brands such as Apple, they disagree with unlocking or jailbreak their products. It is illegal to jailbreak Apple products hence if you unlock your Iphone, you will lose the warranty of your phone. You can no longer enjoy the benefits of having it fix for free.
  • No updates – When you unlock your phone, you can no longer update the firmware or software of your phone easily. Due to the fact that you break the contract between you and the manufacturer, you no longer receive the necessary updates for your applications and for the software of your phone. Also, if you try to update your phone, you will lose your jailbreak and you will go through the process again and spend money for the procedure.

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