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How to Unlock your Cell Phone

Many cell phone users remain confused on what it means to unlock a phone or if your phone can be unlocked. Determining whether your phone is locked is when you try to switch between service providers and your phone won't work anymore. Another identifier of a phone that is locked is when you travel to another country and try to use another company's cell phone service on your old phone, that won't work either. These restrictions are intended to prevent the mobile phone from being used on competing cell phone carriers or to limit what applications can be installed on the phone. As a result, if the consumer needs to use their phone outside of the local coverage area racks up enormous roaming fees. These charges only benefit the mobile company.

Phone unlocking arises for Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) phone users, whereas GSM phones use subscriber identity module (SIM) cards. SIM cards are small chips about the size of your thumb, but it's the key to unlocking a locked cell phone. The process of unlocking a phone is actually quite simple, and doesn't require any technical knowledge, these include: using a phone unlocking service company, equipment, or a service provider, by sending the phone in, or by unlocking the phone manually. For some phones, you just have to enter a numeric code into the phone. The unlocking process is to then remove the SIM card and insert a card from a different network. After the new SIM is inserted and recognized by the phone, enter the unlock code. For most phone models, you will only have 5 opportunities to enter the correct code before the phone becomes hard locked. For a fee, some service providers will even give you the proper unlock code for your phone. However, some cellular networks, are known for only providing the unlock code to the consumer, after meeting many conditions, like completion of your contract and paying a fee. Another option for consumers to unlock a phone is to use specific unlocking equipment to conduct the work. Some phones need to be connected to a special device through the phone's data port to be unlocked. Meanwhile unlocking service company works this way: you pay them a fee, send them your phone, they unlock it and send it back.

The last question everyone asks about cell phone unlocking is it legal? The full legality of unlocking cell phones in the United States was unclear until the most recent revision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act was passed by the American Congress. Under this law, unlocking cell phones was determined to be legal under fair-use rules. Cell phone manufacturer and carriers are still free to void mobile warranties if a phone has been unlocked. This results in the consumer assuming personal risk when unlocking a phone.

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